BENT-CON 2012 Exhibitor Registration

Thank you for registering to exhibit at Bent-Con 2012. We want to make the process as easy as possible. You will need to complete this form and choose a form of payment from the options listed below, and provide a valid copy of your Seller's Permit to: 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 373, West Hollywood, CA. 90046-5112 (Check's should be made out to: BENT-CON).

Bent-Con is a 501c3 Corporation and your exhibitor registration is considered a Contributor Membership, making it tax-deductible.

If you have any questions about exhibitor registration or payment, please e-mail:

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Products & Services


Seller's Permit & Itinerant Merchant Permit

Exhibitors at Bent-Con must provide show management with a BOE-410-D swap meet, flea market, or special events certification. If you will be conducting selling during the event you must also provide a valid CA Permanent/Temporary Seller's Permit. If you set up without a valid BOE-410-D form or provide Bent-Con with an invalid number, all fines incurred will be pass on to you, the exhibitor. The BOE-410-D form must be received by November 26th, 2012

Click HERE, if you require the BOE-410-D form.

Itinerant Merchant Permit

Because the festival is happening in the City of Burbank, Exhibitors who are selling merchandise must also hold an Itinerant Merchant Permit for every day the exhibitor will be selling during the festival.  The cost for this permit is $12 per day (or $36 for the entire weekend).


Booth/Table Options

Each Artist Table is a standard 6’ long (black skirted) table that comes with 2 banquet chairs.  

Each Booth is an 8′ x 10′ space, consisting of a 8′ high black back-wall and 3′ high black side-drape with one, 6′ black skirted table, 2 banquet chairs and one small waste basket.

Each Double Booth is an 8′ x 20′ space, consisting of two 8′ high black back-walls and 3′ high black side-drape with two, 6′ black skirted table, 4 banquet chairs and two small waste baskets.



Additional Exhibitor Options

**Electrical/Internet can be made available to you for an additional cost (which will be handled by the Burbank Marriott's Service Team). Indicating your needs on this registration form will ensure your getting pricing and contact information to secure your additional needs.  Please note that you must makes arrangements at least 21 days prior to BENT-CON show dates for their standard rate. Anything after the 21-day minimum will be subject to higher costs to reserve power at your Table/Booth space.

BENT-CON Swag Access (Optional):

BENT-CON Swag Access is an opportunity for YOU, the exhibitor to take part in donating items of your choice, to be presented to the BENT-CON Volunteer Team as a "Thank you," for their selfless contribution and service in helping to make the BENT-CON show a continued success.  Volunteers who contribute a minimum of 2 working-shifts (that's two, 4-hour shifts) to BENT-CON qualify for this perk.

If you would like to contribute to this effort, please select "YES" from the options below, and someone from the BENT-CON Staff will contact you about your participation to BENT-CON's Swag Access.



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